Product Manager

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Full Time
Contract Type
£35 000 - £40 000 per annum
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Our client was founded in 2005, currently employ over 75 members of staff and is active in much of Europe and South Africa with offices in Aldershot, Bolton, and Huddersfield, Cologne in Germany, plus Johannesburg and Cape Town.  The company holds a strong position in the UK, accounting for 25% of the British solar market. 

They offer an unrivalled service distributing photovoltaic systems all over the UK. Its business areas don't include just standard PV equipment but also self-consumption solutions, such as batteries and heat pumps.  They pride themselves on being forward thinking and dynamic, adapting quickly to market changes and as such continue to see success and growth in all of their markets.

Products are marketed via an on-line platform from which they provide on-line design tools, product information and availability and customer account information.  The Product Manager role is key to the company’s success and reputation.

Scope: To manage products from conception, through change, to end of life.

Set-up new products

  • Manage the new product process ensuring the right product is selected
  • Oversee procurement to ensure the data for Auto-Order (Box/pallet quantities and initial stock, absolute minimum stocks, MOQs etc.) meets the needs of the business (especially MOQ’s and initial stock holding which need to be based on sales forecast)

Product Amendments

  • Properly manage to avoid random changes
  • Communicate change through liaison with all stakeholders
  • Consider and manage the impact of changes on wider products/customers/internal departments/manufacturers
  • Manage the deployment of changes on the portal (Literature, design tool, warranty)
  • Consider and communicate any warehouse stock considerations

Product End of Life

  • Assess the impact on our product range, our customers, our departments, our other global offices. Manage phase out/phase in and stock
  • Guide any potential re-call/re-allocation of stock through liaison with OP
  • Communicate with all stakeholders

Portal Management

  • Manage and ensure products are set-up fully with all documents, compatibilities, linked peripherals, prices
  • Ensure products are set live for correct brands and consider our other global offices
  • Ensure packs are relevant, correct and complete
  • Ensure design tool and quick quote are set-up correctly and tested fully
  • Make sure our installers have everything they need to complete their job
  • Consider various customer segment requirements 
  • Maintain accuracy and relevance of product through its lifetime

Retain a Competitive Advantage

  • Ensuring product strategy aligns with company strategy
  • Consider which of our products are key for clients
  • Identify target markets e.g. commercial/domestic etc. and guide marketing and sales efforts accordingly
  • Understand market changes and how they affect product strategies, and communicate this to the wider business
  • Guide marketing and sales team leader with required product training (internal and external)
  • Ensure marketing are briefed and prepared so they can initiate sales & marketing plan

Key competencies

  • Sense of urgency
  • Understanding of products and their applications, our markets and their drivers, our customers and their needs
  • Planning, prioritising and organisational skills
  • Completer Finisher
  • Communication skills, internally and externally – clear instructions
  • Respect for manufacturer, customer and colleague relations
  • Understand our manufacturer priorities
  • Technical knowledge
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to see the wider impact and plan for consequence
  • Delegation skills

Working Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

To apply please contact Sarah Perkins on 01924 979011

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