In the fast-paced realm of recruitment, the ability to swiftly source and screen talent is a pivotal game-changer for projects. Introducing our Source & Screen RPO – the solution that transforms how you build your team.

Our dedicated team boasts a discerning eye for identifying exceptional individuals who seamlessly align with your organization's unique requirements. We meticulously craft a tailored sourcing strategy, cultivating a robust candidate pipeline that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Embark on a Source & Screen project with us, and experience the assurance of receiving top-notch candidates. Each individual undergoes a thorough evaluation against your specific criteria, enabling you to make informed, rapid hiring decisions. This not only reduces time-to-fill but also ensures the success of your projects. Trust in Grafton Recruitment (RPO) to elevate your talent acquisition process, delivering efficiency and excellence at every step.

Key service features

• Industry-specific sourcing

• Talent mapping

• Supporting all key global languages

• Candidate longlisting

• Candidate communication, management, and tracking

• Database cleaning (ATS Support)

When Source & Screen is the Solution


Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Faster Hiring
Target Candidate Search
Talent Pipelining
Supplement to In-House Team
Candidate Market Research
Volume Hiring Projects
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