Stress Awareness Month - Robyn Dawson

For Stress Awareness Month, we spoke to Robyn Dawson, Recruitment Specialist here at Grafton Recruitment, to discuss how she manages stress during the most testing times.


How do you manage stress?

"During the first lockdown Madhyamaka posted that they were going to host online meditation sessions via zoom and during a time where I was feeling lost and overwhelmed; it was just the life raft I needed at the time. I didn’t know what to expect and by the end of the class, I felt like the Buddhist monk had personally handed me this bright, white light of calm that I could return to whenever I needed during the day. 

After that first class I was hooked! It sounds dramatic, but it truly was a life-changing experience. I was unhappy at the time and I thought meditating would give me some perspective and calm. It did this but also provided so much more… Meditating made me look internally and really see myself and the life I wanted, which in turn inspired me to make the changes I needed to live happily.

Meditation for me is self-care – especially facing the demands of everyday life and a stressful job. The best way to describe how it feels is being in a little boat. Sometimes the waves are calm and sometimes they are choppy – these waves are invasive thoughts, pressures, worries – but when you are anchored in your little boat, these waves of emotion just float on by.


What would be your recommendation to someone looking to manage their own stress?

Netflix have their Headspace Guide to Meditation series which is great as a simple introduction to the benefits of meditating with a new technique to try at the end of each short episode. I can’t recommend meditation enough… just 10 minutes a day dedicated to quiet introspection and deep breathing - you'll definitely feel the benefits. 


robyn dawson